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'Sunidra' means sleep in Sanskrit. The promise of good sleep and rest is ensured by Eastern Mattresses Pvt. Ltd., which manufactures and sells the Sunidra range of mattresses, cushions and pillows. Excellent quality at right pricing has made Sunidra popular in the country. Exported to many countries, Sunidra has notched a significant position in the mattress market.

Sunidra Sleep Studio & Sunidra Sleep Express


The "Sunidra Sleep Studio" and 'Sunidra Sleep Express' are two retail formats, designed for an engrossed shopping experience of any kind of sleep solutions. These branded retail spaces are ranging between 200-400 sq.ft where customers could shop for Sunidra products like Mattress - Pillows - Beds-Bed sheets - Comforters - Cushions - Sleep accessories etc. It has a design, branding, layout, display concept which will bring focus to the consumer. The design of the shop is customer friendly with accessibility & visibility of the products.

General Terms:

  • The contract will be for a period of 5 years, on renewable basis.
  • Franchisee Should sell only Sunidra product or products nominated by Sunidra from "Sunidra Sleep Studio" & "Sunidra Sleep Express".
  • The Franchisee will incentivize its store employees by giving them incentives on their sales targets. Sunidra team and franchisee will fix targets mutually.
  • All payments to Sunidra will be made in advance.
  • One time Franchisee Fee (Non Refundable) will be as below :
    - Upto 400 sqft (Sunidra Sleep Studio) - Rs: 1.00 Lacs
    - Upto 200 sqft (Sunidra Sleep Express) - Rs: 0.50 Lacs


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