Like other products from the Eastern stable, Sunidra complies with exacting Quality standards. The cut above features make it a classic form of creation.

At Sunidra, every mattress rolls out after a set of stringent quality tests. And the result is an international quality mattress that preserves natural breathing ability and resists sagging and wearing. Coir fibres are uniquely converted into coir micro springs to give you contours hug positioning when you are sleeping.

These exclusively crafted mattresses with supreme quality outer cover, respond to your every movement and resume their shape immediately when you move. Thus it keeps you relaxed throughout the sleeping time

Premium Jacquard Fabric

The top most layer of the mattress is covered with premium jacquard fabruc, which is soft, comfortable and allows the mattress to breathe and also keep the dust miles away.

Bonnel Spring

These are passed twice through a constant temperature and electronically controlled heat tempering process; ensuring there is no breakup under pressure. Being not too firm, not too soft the spring unit is developed as a result of scientific research to provide great comfort.

Super Soft PU Foam

Polyurethane (PUP and PU) Foam is a bio-degradable substance which is chemically inert and commonly used in the manufacturing of mattress, which adds additional comfort when you lie down.

Profile Foam

As compared to other foam sheets, this product has excellent compressive strength low compression set. This acts as a buffer between the bottom spring and upper section of latex foam.

Turkish Felt

Turkish thermos bonded felt goes into every mattress. This ensures the best comfort and long lasting Life of any mattress.


Additional Layers For Superior And Luxurious Comfort.

Layers, that Defines Comfort Level

Outer Layer


Cloth stitched with 18 density PU form

2nd Layer


80 density chip foam (For optimized softness & firmness for a perfect sleep)

3rd Layer


90 density coir blocks

  • Ventilated Bed System

    The best ventilated bed system provides a conditioned comfort, from over heat and cold, and does away with moisture, ensuring a dampness-free bed.
  • Caring Bed

    Redistributing the body weight evenly as you fall asleep, reducing the pressure on your skin while helping with better blood circulation and greatly reducing the pressure on the spinal cord.
  • Bug Free, Stress free

    What’s more! It is absolutely pest resistant and non-allergic, and lasts a lifetime.

Quality Policy

Eastern Mattresses Pvt Ltd is committed to provide rubberized coir products of high quality and reliability at optimum cost.

Meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements

Upgrading the skills of workers and employees by providing training

Continuous up gradation of manufacturing facilities